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Just a quick post to let you all know I have uploaded my first ever article to the code project website! You can find it at

There must be loads of people using that site, i’ve had over 60 views of it so far and its only been up there half an hour or so.

Been playing about with VMWare virtual server. I think we are going to move away from clustering technology’s and start using this instead. The only problem I can see so far is you need quite a lot of disk space on the server to run all the virtual machines, but that is offset by its advantages.

You can get some software for it that will allow you to move the server from one physical device to another, with users on the server and they wont notice anything. Now thats the future!

Also looking more into sharepoint, I think i’m going to try and add the reports services modules into it and create a portal using it for our sales people to use. When I get it setup ill post my findings on here.

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HI ~
I’m currently doing my project about mail notification tool on the system tray.
My project should be able to check if some new mail is available now from the pop3 webmail server(Gmail). And I will coding in Visual Studio 2005.
But now,I still having some problems. Could you please help me how to check the unread mail from pop3 server. Or can u send me some source code for coulult ?

Please help me. Thanks
Here my email address :

Best regards,


Your best bet is to download the code of codeproject, the address is in the blog posting. That should contain everything you want to do with regards POP3.



I’m so glad to hear from you! Thank you for your response.
Acutually, I have already looked for all the code in codeproject about “POP3 Gmail”,

but, their all also coding in VS2003,
not only all the source code seem complicatedness,
but also I don’t know how to change code VS2003 becomes VS2005.

I only want to write a simple form.
see like your form & code(SamplePop3Class) in codeproject.
Would I ask you got other website recommendation ??

Thank you once again and its great to hear from you.

Best regards,

Hi Luke,

Sorry to disturb you again.
Wondering can you answer these two questions for me.

1) About the function “Delete Mail after Downloading”,
I didnt tick the concerning function while loading the program
but still can delete mails from the mail server.
Is there any ways to Download mail into the program, and let the mails remains in the mail server?

2) When receiving mails in the chinese characters,
the program will show “A problem occured while decoding a base64 email”
Can u teach me what codes I have to write to see chinese characters.

Thank you so much.

Best regards,

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