Integration Heartache

Posted by beakersoft | Posted in SQL Server | Posted on 22-04-2007


Not really been learning to much new over the last couple of weeks. We have been moving the Isle of Mans system ‘mainland’ and integrating them into ours.
Found a useful feature of the SQL 2005 Enterprise manager though. We were doing a lot of dumping and loading databases, and wanted to write a SQL script that would do it, but couldn’t find the correct syntax.
My boss then noticed that you can get Enterprise manager to ‘script’ certain tasks. Restoring a database was on of them. When you do the restore there is an option at the top left, it will save to a script what is currently set, or output it to a new window. Very Useful.

On another project I found out how to send optional parameters to a SQL stored procedure. When you declare the variables, make them = Null and you don’t have to pass anything!

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