Orange LiveBox and a Wii. Not a good Combo

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Recently Orange (my isp) sent me a LiveBox, an all in one wireless router solution for my broadband package.

I used to use an old pc running smoothwall connected to a little wireless router I was given. I moved away from the Linux solution (I kind of wished I hadn’t now) cos: a) The disk on the old pc was starting to go a bit flaky and b) I had to run a cable upstairs as there was no room for it near the phone socket.

The Livebox wasn’t to bad (apart from a crap wireless signal strength), until i tried to connect my Wii to it. The Wii connected to the web fine under my old setup, so I thought it would under this one. I was mistaken.

Doing a scan reveled my network ok, so i gave it my WEP key, it did it’s test and kept coming back with a variety of error message. I did a quick Google on the matter and it turned out that other people have had the same problem. I tried a couple of there solutions but all they did was result in a different error code.

I was certain is was something to do with security, and just befor I turned of all the encryption on the livebox i noticed something on the Wii, on the screen where you input the key. It said the security was WPA-PSK (TKIP, as you can see from the screen shot


As far as I could tell, the Livebox was using WEP. So, I hit the Change security settings option, selected WEP, input my key and it connected! Problem solved, more by luck than judgment.

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Thank you very much I have done everything to grt my wii and livebox working together i changed settings and everything and all i needed to do was change one thing on my wii

Thank you very much this worked


i’ve tried to imput this key into my wii with the security settings on WEP, but it still doesn’t seem to work :(
do you know where i could locate the WPA-PSK (TKIP) code? :o

Sorry Dave, i’m not sure the Livebox’s support WPA-PSK as a type of Encryption, sounds like your problem might be something else. If you find a solution to it please let me know

Could you help and tell me Where or what is the password key (as above)

Hi Emma, the key will normally be on a sticker on the underside of your Orange LiveBox, or failing that you should be able to re-set it on the router using the web interface

The WPA-PSK is a Pre Shared Key You need to set this in your router first then on the devices connected to your wireless router. Trouble is I belive that the Wii has trouble with WPA-PSK encryption. Your better off using WEP as your encryption but the downside of that is the 15 charector hexidecimel key that your have to input into you Wii.

Awesome! I cant wait for wii sports resort to come out.

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