Report Services Printer Control Problem

Posted by beakersoft | Posted in SQL Reporting Services | Posted on 23-12-2008


Not sure how many of you have hit this, but recently we have had a problem with users not being able to print out reports from the browser. When they hit the print icon after runnig a report, they are given the message

Cannot load client print control’

Turns out that one of the patches Microsoft issue out (on a seemingly never ending basis) breaks(well, blocks) the activex. The patch in question is the ActiveX killbit one (i cant remember the kb number), there appears to be a problem with the old version of the print control activex, and when the latest patch is applied to the clients it stops the print control working.

The way to get it working again is basilcly to patch your reports server. This is something i am always a bit cautious of doing, as in the past i have had problems (service pack one removed the ability to do a multi select parameter) but this time i had a virtual server i could snapshot, patch then test.

To get it working again, i installed first of all SQL 2005 service pack 2 (, then the latest hotfix rollup ( On a couple of the client machines this seemed to fix the problem without having to re-download the control, but on others we had to remove the control first, then re-install it and it worked a treat

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