Raspberry Pi – The Future!?

Posted by beakersoft | Posted in Raspberry Pi | Posted on 16-04-2012


After quite a while waiting, today i finally managed to get my hands on a raspberry pi!

They have been all over the media recently, but in case you have been living under a rock, the ‘pi’ is a cheap, small ARM based computer. When I say cheap i mean cheap. $25 + tax + shipping. When I say small, i mean small, this thing is just slightly larger than a credit card, and weighs next to nothing. For your $25 all you get is the board, there’s no power supply, no cables, no SD card, just the board. Its a proper hackers bit of kit, and the fact that this thing is so cheap kind of makes it throw away.

The possibilities for this thing are huge, its (very commendable) target market is school kids, trying to get them back to the home game hacking ways of the 80’s, but it has so many other uses, especially considering you can fairly easily extend the hardware and use it to drive other devices. Hopfully as I get to grips with it I will post more info on here, but for the meantime enjoy some (rather sad!) pictures of me un-boxing the device!

Quick Note: The first time I booted to the desktop the display did not fit very well on the screen, follow this tip on the pi forums and it should help you out

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So what have you done with the Raspberry Pi? Is it the type of device to use in Home Automation, Home Robotics, or maybe Grid P2P computing?

$25? Wow. You could set up a Pier to Pier network of a 100 Raspberry Pi’s and have a small super computer… maybe?

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