HomePi – Version 1 (Kind of)

Posted by beakersoft | Posted in RaspberryPi | Posted on 11-08-2013


I knows its been a while, but I have now finished worked on my first version of the HomePi!

I had started to use Fritzing  to design my PCB, at first it is easier to use, but when it actually came to put the board together for fabrication I found myself going back to Eagle. The last stage of Fritzing wasn’t anywhere near as good and accurate (in my option) as Eagle, the more I used Eagle the more intuitive it seamed to become.  Anyway, board created, I used the SeedStudio service again to create my board. Its based in China so the shipping is a bit slow, but for how cheap it is I don’t mind the wait. So, in case you haven’t read a previous post about this project, here is the hardware that’s gone into building it

  • A Raspberry pi Model A
  • An Adafruit Pi Plate and 16 x 2 LCD Screen for the display
  • WiFi adapter for network access
  • My custom PCB
  • A DHT11 sensor for reading the temperature and humidity levels
  • Ultra bright 3mm LED light for my ‘Street Light’
  • A light dependent resistor for measuring the current light level
  • Lego!

At the moment, this is what its doing

  • All driven from a Python script, that starts as the Pi boots so it can be ran without any keyboard or monitor
  • LCD screen displays the current date and time, temperature and humidity, light level and current trending twitter topics
  • Temperature and Humidity are logged into RRD, and graphs created by RRDtool
  • Apache web server running on the Pi to serve the graphs
  • When the light drops below a certain level (i.e. when its dark) an LED ‘street light’ is turned on, and the LCD screen is turned off.

You get get the Gerber files for creating the PCB here – http://www.beakersoft.co.uk/downloads/HomePi_V1.0.rar
All of the code along with some basic install instructions are over at Github – https://github.com/beakersoft/HomePi