FIghtstick Update!

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I’ve posted an article about my new and improved arcade fight stick, like the original only with flashing lights!! –

Branching Out

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Me and a couple of the guys i work with a decided to have a good at writing our own software, and making it available online. We are going under the (rather good i think) name of we3soft, and you can get at our website by visiting

We have got quite a few ideas/applications in the pipeline, and hope to start working with some of our local businesses on some of there projects. At the mo we have only one application (and its in beta) avaialble for download on the website. It goes by the name of SwitchWatch.

Basiclly, you can use it to tell you what ports in cisco switches have been unused for a period of time you specifically, this will allow you to tidy up the rats next of cables that lives in your comms room. At the moment the application is still in beta, and will only report on the first 5 unused ports per switch. In order to encourage people to test the app, we are giving away 20 free licences once it comes out of beta.

All you have to do to quailfy for a free copy is head over to, download the app and tell us what you think about it in our forum. Let us know if it worked fine, if you had any problems with it or if you have any feature requests. If your are in the first 20 to give us your comment we will send you a free licnece key as soon as we come out of beta, so head over there now!!