Code Project and VMware

Posted by beakersoft | Posted in VMWare | Posted on 13-03-2007


Just a quick post to let you all know I have uploaded my first ever article to the code project website! You can find it at

There must be loads of people using that site, i’ve had over 60 views of it so far and its only been up there half an hour or so.

Been playing about with VMWare virtual server. I think we are going to move away from clustering technology’s and start using this instead. The only problem I can see so far is you need quite a lot of disk space on the server to run all the virtual machines, but that is offset by its advantages.

You can get some software for it that will allow you to move the server from one physical device to another, with users on the server and they wont notice anything. Now thats the future!

Also looking more into sharepoint, I think i’m going to try and add the reports services modules into it and create a portal using it for our sales people to use. When I get it setup ill post my findings on here.